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I See Red – Toddler Tantrums

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Look, it’s no secret that this is the age for tantrums. I had always heard about tantrums as a thing that happened with most children around a certain age, and quite frankly, I didn’t give a hoot. I didn’t care about children and their ways. I didn’t feel much for the parents because I was wholly unfazed, unaffected...The idea that I would one day have a child who would instantaneously explode and implode and create a level of noise I had not even thought possible, in my very own living room, had not come close to entering my realm of cognition...I could not possibly embrace the three-dimensional horrendousness of the real life bastard tantrum. Now I can.
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Oven dried homegrown tomatoes

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We had a surfeit of tomatoes in our new veggie garden this year. What to do with them? Oven dry them, roast them, eat them.
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Bloody delicious roasted aubergine / eggplant and tomato soup

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SNHYCCSY862Y I'm not going to claim credit for this. Ozzie grew the aubergines and the tomatoes, found a recipe and then made it his own, and then cooked the whole damn lot. What did I do? Kicked back with a bottle of red, took a photo of the befores and the afters, and then scoffed a bowl or two a day for a few days straight (there was alot!). It is disgustingly good, and such a great way to make use of the glut of aubergines and tomatoes our garden delivered to us this Summer. So here's the loose recipe.
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Mama Sings The Blues

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When my daughter was born on 18th August 2010, I was relieved. God that's an understatement. It was a natural birth and despite her getting stuck and me having to be whisked from a birthing pool to a delivery suite, I still sent her out with no pain relief, no forceps, nada. It was hardcore. I went somewhere else. You have to...I need not mention that I could barely walk after breathing my 3.29kg daughter down into life. A car crash had taken place in my nether regions and I wondered if anything would be the same down there again.
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