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I do not love being a mum…

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"So do you just love being a mum?" So how can someone like me, answer a question like that? I am so far from being black and white on any issue, least of all my life. Least of all about motherhood. Oh I have some pretty strong opinions about things but motherhood has set me up with a whole new world of questions I need to ask about myself, and I was already grappling with a fair few. People who know me, do not ask me that question. Do you love going to work every day? Do you love catching the train? Do you secretly love picking your nose? Do you love sitting in traffic? Do you love waxing your bikini line? Do you love lobster? Do you love sex? Do you love learning Spanish? What did you eat for breakfast this morning? How many times did your baby wake last night? Now these are easy to answer. Easy. But there is no cut and dried to motherhood. I do not love being a mum per se. There, I said it.
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My toddler daughter intentionally sabotages group activities

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I can’t help it. I go to a dark place when my daughter behaves badly in a group activity-type environment. I see a dark little devil appear out from behind her eyes and it’s like she’s possessed. I can prime her, pep talk her, prepare her as best as I can, but it will inevitably go pear-shaped. You know, before I really start on this, I should say that there are days when it is quite literally like my daughter has got out the wrong side of her bed in the morning. These days, or at least, the first half of the day before I rush her to bed early for her midday crash sleep, is generally fraught. She wakes cantankerous, teary, whingey, prone to tantrums, in a no-no mood and a “I don’t want to” mood. If Oz and I don’t field this mood carefully, everything can go rapidly to pot. Sometimes she can be cranked out of it, but largely she sets the tone, and it aint pretty. Sometimes, in these moods, it’s like I can’t access her. She can stand and stare at me, whilst pouring water out of a bottle onto my new sofa.
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A Journey Into Adoption

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A Journey Into Adoption is a superb new blog written by a dear, dear friend of mine in the UK. To protect his beautiful child, all parties must remain anonymous. Adoption involves seriously sensitive issues and children's backgrounds are obviously far from straightforward. Subsequently, I am unable to credit this wonderful man and his wife by name for their admirable strength in persisting, against all odds, in their quest to bring a child into their home, their lives and their hearts.
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