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My blog post featured on

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My earlier blog post, "I Do Not Love Being A Mum" is featured today on the big American mum site in their Voices section. I'm quite chuffed a it's the first little thing I've sent out there and truly didn't expect to hear back. The editor has chopped it down a tad because I do like to bang on a bit but in general it is the full shebang!
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Five Minute Friday: Present

I was inspired by another blog I chanced upon where … Continue reading...

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Sugar-free banana and fruit muffins/cake – baby finger food and toddler snack

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My daughter was a fairly fussy eater in the early days. Now she is great (most of the time). But back then I had to get creative because she largely refused purees but was interested in finger foods. I didn't have the patience for pure baby led weaning, but I was up for finger foods in a big way...sneaking in mushed stuff whenever I could. This sugar-free recipe is a fantastic way of getting fruit into your bubbas and toddlers. Mae went for these muffins in a big way and I always had a batch in the freezer for quick defrosting.
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Mapleisms – The Things My Daughter Says – Toddler Language

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I think children's language development is fascinating. More than that, when little people start talking and expressing themselves and playing with words they don't understand, it is just downright cute as hell. And the mispronunciations are beautiful. Maple's desire to communicate has been a huge priority for her from very early on and her desperation to talk and to sing and to latch onto language has not waned. She is a parrot and absorbs more than we care to think. When we arrived in Australia she was 22 months old. Her language was going through the roof and suddenly, just as she was chat-chat-chatting about everything and anything at a million miles an hour and loving every minute of it... she developed a stutter. It wasn't just a slight stutter. It was staggering and it throttled her and she visibly became upset by it... Mae fell over and scraped her knee. Oz scooped her up and said, ‘oh dear, where did you hurt yourself?’ and she looked at him like an idiot and said ‘on the pavement’.
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