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Babies are hard work for the first twelve months

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My girl turned three a week or so ago. HOW. THE. HELL. DID. THAT. HAPPEN? I'm not saying it flew by. I have felt every minute of these past three years, particular the last nine months with the arrival of one small brother. I guess I just mean that now she's a walking, talking, singing, whirling, twirling, colourful, imaginative, creative, stubbornly independent, demanding, challenging, engaging, frustrating, intelligent wee force of nature...well suddenly she's kinda way more interesting.
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Savoury courgetty, cheesy, olivey, hammy muffins

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I went to a friend's house for morning tea recently and rather than bake a cake or cupcakes or cookies, she had made some absolutely delicious savoury muffins. I'm a savoury girl. Love a bit of cake but would go savoury by choice. So she gave me her recipe and today, as I had a couple of gals over with their bubs, I thought I'd put it to the test. I was missing some ingredients so I substituted with others and added a few extras in for good measure. They were a hit with biggies and liddlies alike and I'm currently baking a fresh batch for the freezer. Great finger food for bubs, toddlers and mums on the go.
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Gina Ford: Two Dirty Words… and a confession

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‘Gina Ford’. Two dirty words. If you follow her routines and schedules you must not have a motherly instinct in your body, right? Your poor, poor babies are fed on a schedule and put to bed or woken up at certain times of the day and night, regardless of what they might appear to want. Mothered by Hitler. Poor baby... There's something so very uncool about Gina isn't there? No children of her own for a start. Actually, there's something uncool about admitting that you are routiney and that you don't just roll with your baby's every punch. I think some folk assume that if you endorse Gina or follow a schedule, you somehow relinquish responsibility for making your own decisions based on your own maternal/parental instincts for your own child....
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