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I’d hate to be an asylum seeker coming to Australia by boat

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It seems that the same refugee conversation has been going on for many years now in Australia. If one takes a moment to Google the asylum issue, it appears that there are a huge number of articles and forums debating this hot topic. Much of the discussion is regurgitated slogans and headlines, policies and opinions but rarely is any of it couched in any real evidence and most of it entirely overlooks the reality of the asylum seeker’s predicament. Asylum seekers are dehumanised. The voting public has virtually no contact with them, as they’re hidden away in detention centres and their faces barely make it into the news. We are rarely exposed to their plight. To really get to grips with the issues, we either need to immerse ourselves in a refugee community to see for ourselves how these people have come to be here, or we need to dig a little deeper for some genuine information; some facts and figures. It really did not take me long to source some government figures from the past five or so years, which paint a very interesting picture indeed about the actual numbers of asylum seekers arriving by boat as opposed to those who arrive by air, about their countries of origin, and the percentages of those who have been granted protection visas. The numbers speak for themselves.
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