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Baltic amber necklaces for teething – hogwash?

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Both of my children really teeth. There is no easy arrival of a tooth. Each is preceded by weeks of drooling, irritability, biting hands, biting anything, refusing food, refusing sippy cups, interrupted sleep, inconsolable crying, nappy rash, horrible poos, and an insatiable desperation for boob and snuggles. My partner jokingly threatened to leave me if I bought my daughter one of the amber necklaces so many of my friends had around their teeny children's necks in London. He thought the whole thing was laughingly ridiculous, with no scientific merit whatsoever, on a par with homeopathy which he also considers ludicrous.
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A Fair Weather Blogger – In the midst of the mire of motherhood

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I didn't create this blog last year with a view to only writing when things were rosy. I thought it would be a good, bad and the ugly type affair. But it seems I haven't written since October. I have been very aware of not writing. The not writing has almost been an active past time. I have been at war with myself and struggling with who I was, who I now am and who I want to be in the midst of the mire of motherhood.
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