Monthly Archives: October 2014

I could do better.

Hmmm. I need another weekend please. If I could have another weekend I'd do a whole lot of things differently. I wouldn't waste two hours watching 'Gravity'...sadly I didn't see it in 3D, though I'm sure that spared me a different type of chunder. When we were at the zoo and my daughter was being thrown about like a doll by two older girls, carried and dragged about like a play thing, I would have created a diversion and whisked her away for some quiet time...before she lost her marbles...I would have sat her down and said "I understand that this is doing your head in, I know that you need to run your own show, I was sooooo like you...we can deal with this without rudeness...can't we?...let me help you..." When we went swimming and I bumped into someone from many, many moons ago and she said "oh my god you're son is sooooo tiny. My daughter's only three months younger and look at the size of her!"...I would have landed her a great big dunking under the water and swum off. When I went to Aldi and the checkout bloke hurled a week's worth of shopping at my trolley at break neck speed (which, incidentally, I now see as a personal challenge)...
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