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M-M-Mirena. Contraception or chaos?

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Let’s talk vaginas. Let’s talk sex. Let’s talk about not having any more babies. I love my kids. I can say that without twitching or second-guessing myself. This is a deep, dark, unwavering, unfaltering truth. But it ends here. Two vaginal births (I don’t mind the word “vagina” at all but sometimes it really does reach out and slap you across the face doesn’t it? I used to flinch when they used this term after my two children were born via that very beautiful orifice. Why? My vagina was vitally involved in their delivery. It required stitching and was a no-go zone for a bloody good while thereafter. It was a point of conversation. Vagina this, vagina that. Vaginal birth? Still doesn’t slide off the tongue with ease, but I’m trying it on here. Yes maam.) no pain relief, four years of breastfeeding with a three month break between bubs (and still counting) and I’m all theirs. But it stops here. Or there. I am definitely done and dusted. The fat lady sang. She gone sister!
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