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I suffer serious daymares now I’m a mum

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I’m sitting in my boy’s room in low light, breastfeeding him to sleep with Richard Hawley’s honey voice transporting us both into a past full of memories and into a future of sweet dreams. Suddenly, Maple snatches her hand out of mine, and dashes away from me across the road. I’m screaming for her to stop but she doesn’t listen and she carries on as a four wheel drive throttles down our quiet street and sends her tiny body flying through the air. I can do nothing. Everything is too late...You don’t want to read this right? I understand. It’s too much. It is far too much. I don’t want to swim in these foul waters either. I've read it back and I too think "this is too much. Nobody wants to go there." I’m hoping that the mere act of writing it all down might exorcise these hideous daymares from my mind.
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I left my kids in the car

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...I signed the paperwork and dashed out of the store to see my car surrounded by two police officers. I rushed across the street carrying only my wallet, car keys and two pairs of glasses yelling “they’re mine!”…meaning my children. Five minutes had passed since I left my kids in the car. Enough time it seems for me to come face to face with the law....
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