Bloody delicious roasted aubergine / eggplant and tomato soup


Bloody delicious roasted aubergine/eggplant and tomato soup

SNHYCCSY862Y  I’m not going to claim credit for this.  Ozzie grew the aubergines and the tomatoes, found a recipe and then made it his own, and then cooked the whole damn lot.  What did I do?  Kicked back with a bottle of red, took a photo of the befores and the afters, and then scoffed a bowl or two a day for a few days straight (there was alot!).  It is disgustingly good, and such a great way to make use of the glut of aubergines and tomatoes our garden delivered to us this Summer.  So here’s the loose recipe.  I don’t have strict timings for things cos it was a bit of a wing it meal while attending to other things on a let’s-sort-things-out Sunday.  But you can’t go far wrong.  Super simple.

4 good sized aubergines (cut into half lengthways)
6 good sized tommies
2 large cloves garlic
2 large onions
good handful of fresh oregano (actually he used marjoram and oregano as we had massacred our herb garden that day and had to do something with it all)
2 litres of stock (Oz used one litre chicken stock and the other veg cos that’s what we had)
1 red chilli (if you fancy a teeny zing…we did)
dollop of cream and some goats cheese to finish (Meredith goats cheese is a killer)

Sprinkle aubergines with oil, pop on a baking tray and into oven pre-heated to 200 degrees celsius.  They took about 40 minutes to look perfect as in the above photograph.  The tomatoes were added to the oven for the last twenty minutes.

Roasted homegrown aubergine / eggplant

While this is going on, chop 2 onions, garlic and chilli (optional) and fry up in olive oil until caramelised.

When aubergines are done, scoop out the scrummalicious flesh, roughly chop the tommies, and hurl into the pot with the onions and garlic.  Add fresh herbs and salt and pepper to taste.  Add all of the stock, bring the brew to the boil, then reduce to a simmer for about 45 minutes.

Throw it all into a blender and reduce to desired consistency.  Pop back in the pot to reheat if necessary.

Now I am currently dairy-free because of Zeph boy’s reflux.  Accordingly, we skipped the dollop of cream and crumbling of goats cheese.  This was gutting for me, as I discovered Meredith’s goats cheese just prior to being told I should cut out all dairy.  It is mouth-meltingly naughty and it would have taken this dish to orgasmic levels.  But without, it was still seriously lip-smackingly off the scale terrific and worth hollerin about.

Slurp with your favourite vino.

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  1. Anna Foley says:

    ooh barbs you inspired me to cook this delicious dish. cooking it tonight for early dinner tomorrow. xx

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