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My baby boy is seriously small

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My boy's birth weight was very standard; 3.26kg. He latched on to the boob extremely well. In the first three or four months, his weight gain was fine, even great. And suddenly, at around the five month mark, maternal health nurses started tutting and looking sorry for me and lowering their very silly lower lips as though they might cry like a baby. On one such occasion I said: "Look, do I need to panic or can we dispense with the amateur dramatics?" She carried on with the performance and in a baby voice said: "We get a little bit sad when the dots go down the percentile curve." I nearly slapped her.
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Savoury courgetty, cheesy, olivey, hammy muffins

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I went to a friend's house for morning tea recently and rather than bake a cake or cupcakes or cookies, she had made some absolutely delicious savoury muffins. I'm a savoury girl. Love a bit of cake but would go savoury by choice. So she gave me her recipe and today, as I had a couple of gals over with their bubs, I thought I'd put it to the test. I was missing some ingredients so I substituted with others and added a few extras in for good measure. They were a hit with biggies and liddlies alike and I'm currently baking a fresh batch for the freezer. Great finger food for bubs, toddlers and mums on the go.
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Sugar-free banana and fruit muffins/cake – baby finger food and toddler snack

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My daughter was a fairly fussy eater in the early days. Now she is great (most of the time). But back then I had to get creative because she largely refused purees but was interested in finger foods. I didn't have the patience for pure baby led weaning, but I was up for finger foods in a big way...sneaking in mushed stuff whenever I could. This sugar-free recipe is a fantastic way of getting fruit into your bubbas and toddlers. Mae went for these muffins in a big way and I always had a batch in the freezer for quick defrosting.
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Oven dried homegrown tomatoes

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We had a surfeit of tomatoes in our new veggie garden this year. What to do with them? Oven dry them, roast them, eat them.
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Bloody delicious roasted aubergine / eggplant and tomato soup

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SNHYCCSY862Y I'm not going to claim credit for this. Ozzie grew the aubergines and the tomatoes, found a recipe and then made it his own, and then cooked the whole damn lot. What did I do? Kicked back with a bottle of red, took a photo of the befores and the afters, and then scoffed a bowl or two a day for a few days straight (there was alot!). It is disgustingly good, and such a great way to make use of the glut of aubergines and tomatoes our garden delivered to us this Summer. So here's the loose recipe.
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