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A Fair Weather Blogger – In the midst of the mire of motherhood

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I didn't create this blog last year with a view to only writing when things were rosy. I thought it would be a good, bad and the ugly type affair. But it seems I haven't written since October. I have been very aware of not writing. The not writing has almost been an active past time. I have been at war with myself and struggling with who I was, who I now am and who I want to be in the midst of the mire of motherhood.
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Five Minute Friday: Present

I was inspired by another blog I chanced upon where … Continue reading...

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The Mother Movement – Who am I now I’m a mum?

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Yesterday was a shocker. I couldn't pinpoint the source; exhaustion? hormones? By breakfast time, I found myself in a puddle in my fella's arms sobbing about our relocation from London and missing, I mean truly heartbreakingly missing, my London friends. I crave a day with my eccentric, creative, daring, quirky, talented buddies and their wee sprogs....In fact, this post wasn't supposed to bang on so much about my emotional rollercoaster yesterday. In fact, this post wasn't supposed to bang on so much about my emotional rollercoaster yesterday. It was merely intended to illustrate that mothers can struggle. Not all mothers, but a lot of mothers. And not all the time, but a lot of the time, or sometimes or whatever the case may be. We struggle with identity, self-fulfillment, self-belief, career, motivation. It is a shared experience. I simply wanted to say that yesterday I was having one of those days, and at the end of it, quite by chance, a dear friend sent me this email: "You have to visit this website and read everything on it...xxxx..." And there it is. A website dedicated to mothers. Not a sappy, irritating, we're taken for granted kind of website. But an empowering, I've been there, let's bring women together and be powerful and acknowledge that sometimes this mother business is dull, sometimes we lose ourselves, lose who we are under the mother skin, sometimes we really struggle to make time for ourselves. Just go to it and read it. It speaks for itself.
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Relocating to the other side of the world when comprehensively up the duff

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What’s it like to pack up your home in London, say goodbye to your friends of thirteen years, and ship your family off to the other side of the world? What’s it like to do this with a toddler and when you’re comprehensively up the duff?
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