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Savoury courgetty, cheesy, olivey, hammy muffins

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I went to a friend's house for morning tea recently and rather than bake a cake or cupcakes or cookies, she had made some absolutely delicious savoury muffins. I'm a savoury girl. Love a bit of cake but would go savoury by choice. So she gave me her recipe and today, as I had a couple of gals over with their bubs, I thought I'd put it to the test. I was missing some ingredients so I substituted with others and added a few extras in for good measure. They were a hit with biggies and liddlies alike and I'm currently baking a fresh batch for the freezer. Great finger food for bubs, toddlers and mums on the go.
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Sugar-free banana and fruit muffins/cake – baby finger food and toddler snack

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My daughter was a fairly fussy eater in the early days. Now she is great (most of the time). But back then I had to get creative because she largely refused purees but was interested in finger foods. I didn't have the patience for pure baby led weaning, but I was up for finger foods in a big way...sneaking in mushed stuff whenever I could. This sugar-free recipe is a fantastic way of getting fruit into your bubbas and toddlers. Mae went for these muffins in a big way and I always had a batch in the freezer for quick defrosting.
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