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Boob or Bust! I’ll breastfeed my son until WE are good and ready.

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MY GP recently launched into a rather accusatory tirade about how my son was clinging to his role of the baby of the family, and that I was facilitating this by continuing to breastfeed, that I should take more control and give up breastfeeding immediately as only then, she believes, will my son start taking eating more seriously. She also suggested that I was just breastfeeding Z now at the ripe old age of 21 months out of self-interest, because I can not let go, and implied that I was complicit in retarding his skeletal growth and brain development. She managed all of this with a smile and a sense of "I'm here for you, but this is your only option".
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My baby boy is seriously small

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My boy's birth weight was very standard; 3.26kg. He latched on to the boob extremely well. In the first three or four months, his weight gain was fine, even great. And suddenly, at around the five month mark, maternal health nurses started tutting and looking sorry for me and lowering their very silly lower lips as though they might cry like a baby. On one such occasion I said: "Look, do I need to panic or can we dispense with the amateur dramatics?" She carried on with the performance and in a baby voice said: "We get a little bit sad when the dots go down the percentile curve." I nearly slapped her.
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