Welcome to your life daddy


A quiet moment with daddy at Uncle Sammy's wedding.  Little flower girl.

A quiet moment with daddy at Uncle Sammy’s wedding. Little flower girl.

Ozzie was driving Maple back home after a trip to the supermarket, when she said; “Welcome to your life daddy.” Did she sense his heavy step as he motored on through the drone of domestic chores while his mind yearned for responsibility-less Sunday afternoons in London pub gardens with old friends? Before kids. But he wouldnt have it any other way.   It is just a natural yearning.  Nostalgia.  Pining.  The friends who know him.  Did she sense that this was it?  This is life.  Right here.  In the supermarket.  In the queue.  In the car.  Behind the wheel.  Catching flies for the Venus fly trap.  On the phone vetting potential work in this new town.  Did she sense that daddy is winging it?  That we’re making it up as we go along.  That this right here is the plan and it’s not part of some greater plan.  It’s a “lets see where this path will lead us” sort of plan cos mummy and daddy are trying things out and we’re not your usual kettle of hot tea.  Does she know that?  Does she trust us?  Yes she does.  She knows no other way.  Implicitly trusts us. What a responsibility. “Welcome to your life daddy.” Yes. Welcome.

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